SIGNgineer JUNIOR Assembly Demo:
(NOT recommended for flex face applications)

Parts List: 

1.   Top dog house
2.   .032 - .090 alum. R/W - cut 1 1/2" less desired width
3.   1"x1"x1/8" alum. sq. tube- cut  3 1/4" less desired width 
4.   .050 alum. filler - cut 4 5/8" less desired width
5.   2"x2"x1/8" alum. retainer
6.   SIGNgineer JUNIOR without retainer
7.   SIGNgineer JUNIOR with retainer
8.   NOTSHOWN:  2" saddle and corner angles
9.   1/8" spacer for raceway support


Mount 2" retainer to SIGNgineer JUNIOR without retainer then determine size of cabinet and cut SIGNgineer to size.  (NOTE:  Make frame 1" oversize to accommodate fluorescent lamps)


First, match up all perimeter SIGNgineer pieces and mark for 1" sq. tube supports, corner angles and saddles prior to fitting aluminum raceway metal.  Fit filler sheet metal into SIGNgineer groove as shown, square ends and tack weld to  SIGNgineer JUNIOR.   (Note:  make sure that 1" supports are not adjacent to lamp socket locations)   Outside of SIGNgineer should remain off until all other components are tacked in place. Place SIGNgineer perimeter beams together.


Place precut 1" square tubes in desired positions, maximum of 30" on center.  1" aluminum tube act as lamp supports and may be used to mount ballasts while providing structural strength for the sign cabinet.  Mount 1/8" thick material and VHP tape to support gap under lamp raceway.  Cut raceway metal to size and fit appropriately.


Mount ballast to 1" aluminum square tube.  Mount dog house to ballast and wire as required. (Note: wire cavities on both sides of 1' sq. tube) 


Benefits of the JUNIOR beam:

SIGNgineer JUNIOR  is a light weight version of the original!  Simple easy to use design!  Build signs to various widths or configurations, like the original.

Use with single or double faced sign cabinets.  Built in hanger bar for plastic faces.  NOT recommended for use with flex face applications.

Light weight durable design recommended for cabinets up to a maximum of 100 sq. ft.

Easy to fabricate custom designs using a chop saw.

Sturdy, durable aircraft grade 6063 –T6 structural aluminum.

Basic construction using .050 aluminum sign body & 1" square tube.  Ballasts mount to 1" sq. tube cross members.

Made with pride in the

Estimated electrical and fabrication savings up to 50% or more vs. custom fabrication!



NOTE:  All cabinets should be engineered by a qualified engineer to meet local standards.

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